CAC-Commercial 1-1 & Syncro

LG Commercial Range CAC cover a wide capacity range (2.5 - 25 kW), highly efficient systems for Retail, Offices, Resturants and Specialist Applications.

The One to One Systems: Has the extensive range of Indoor Units in 8 Variety from Wall, Floor, Cassette, Ducted, Ceiling and Consol Fan Coils. The Outdoor Units  range is highly efficient and flexible


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The Syncro Systems: LG Syncro system comprises of an outdoor Unit connected to Two, Three or Four fan coils to operate as one system controlled via one remote controller. The Syncro system can be used to provide large capacity areas even distribution economically and effectively. The outdoor unit inverter control provides smooth even control. Ideal for applications like Theaters, Dance Halls, Large Retail areas where heat generation is even. It is extremely economical and efficient.

AHU DX Systems: Air Handling Units with DX cooling / Heating coils are accurately controlled by LG Outdoor and specialist control system without the need for separate expansion device.

All LG outdoor unit heat exchangers have Gold Fin™ anti-corrosive protection

All LG products are EUROVENT Certified. 



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Click on Image to download Sales & Technical Info

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