Engineering Tools


LG HEVAC Engineering Tools is the most comprehensive design and engineering tools in the industry.

Design Tool LATS HEVAC & LATS CAD allow quick and accurate selection, design, information produced to ensure project compliance. Supported by ETL compliance calculations ensures full compliance and tax breaks.

LGMV & SIM  : LGMV and LG SIMs are solutions for troubleshooting, monitoring and controlling operations of LG HVAC systems. LGMV is designed to communicate with the new LG Multi V air conditioner while LG SIMs is designed for use with LG DFS (Duct-Free Split) air conditioning systems. They offer a simpler yet fully comprehensive set of data and monitoring capabilities for existing LG HVAC systems. The LGMV app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store by searching ‘Mobile LGMV.    

All LG equipment are manufactured to IAS9001 & 14001 and EUROVENT certified.


ETL Compliance