HFC R32 Products

LG R32 A2L [ Mildly FLAMMABLE] refrigerant range of Splits, Multi & Commercial AC Equipment (Up to 12 kW)


WHY R32?



Space Air says: Air Conditioning that uses a refrigeration cycle or Refrigeration equipment used in domestic or commercial applications do not leak (ONLY accidents, bad installation and servicing and rare equipment malfunctions).and, therefore, we are users of refrigerant, not consumers. The risks of a leak with flammable refrigerants will cause Health and safety issues (Fire or death) which defeats the Environmental reasons (low GWP) arguments!.

R32 can only be used in small applications (max 12 kW or less than 3 kg SYSTEM [Outdoor, Indoor & Pipe work] charge,(see F-Gas equipment sale ban - NOT use) were mostly low-level installation skills required (small one or two-off splits in shops, restaurants, clinics, residential (homes and apartments, etc)  [SEE F-GAS BANS]  [See LG RECOMENDATIONS]

Hence more emphasise required from Manufacturers, legislators, and industry bodies to ensure safety is not compromised by commercial gains on the back of Environmental claim!. We need more stability and long term sustainability, not commercial consumer jargon.

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Engineering Data Book


Bans & Guidance 



Guidelines,  Recommendations & City & Guilds 6178 Training (installer safety)

  FETA                  F-Gas Regulation     C & G 6187-21        LG Installation


Protocols & Progress

       Kigali Amendments       UK Progress F-Gas      AC Equipment Ban         


Important:  F-Gas Regulations CANNOT cover any competence on SAFETY as it is primarily an Environmental qualification ensuring environmentally safe handling, NOT PERSONAL SAFETY.

For Personal Safety:  City & Guilds 6187-21 or equal and approved.

This course covers all Hydrocarbon refrigerants, including handling of A3 hydrocarbons including R1270 Propylene, R290 Propane and R600a Isobutane. It is also suitable for engineers working with flammable HFO’s and HFC’s including R1234yf, R1234ze and R32


- R32 is an HFC refrigerant Class A2L  (A2L not Used in Large Splits and Multi splits or VRF systems ). It is not a long-term refrigerant, cannot be dropped in, requires Specific Risk Assesment, require extra training (installer safety) to handle flammables e.g. City & Guilds 6187-21and require specific guidelines (see LG installation recommendations) and risk assessment.

R410A or R134a or R407C  are HFC refrigerants (common AC refrigerants which are A1classified, used in Splits, Multi, Commercial, VRF, Chillers, Roof Tops ) - (See F-Gas 2014 Regulations Specifically point 3 (new HFC ban)

Any A2L refrigerants (low or mildly Flammable) LEGALLY requires :

-  Awareness of F-Gas  & A2L Alternatives. End users need to be aware of Health & Safety Risks

- Extra Training is required in handling A2L refrigerants (there are 0ver 45,000 F-Gas A1 classified engineers) Official courses such as City & Guild 6187-2 or equal and approved.

- Regulations. Local regs on use of flammables in public spaces need to be reviewed

it the final solution? :

There two regulations that affect the reduction of current HFC refrigerants with high GWP.

The  European F-Gas and the Kigali Amendments to Montreal Protocole.

None of them is legally binding and there is no phase-out, but both rely on the future innovation of new Lo GWP refrigerants and equipment manufacturers ensuring no waste and better control on leakage (40 % of refrigerants used in AC/ Refrigeration is used in servicing). see links to both. 

An important website to find out more we highly recommend: http://www.gluckmanconsulting.com   xxx

Space Air Web Site will have more guidance and advice to ensure the correct & Safe use of LG AC equipment utilising R32 Refrigerants. Including FACTS & FIGURES


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