Multi V VRF. A1 class R410A

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Air to Air - Air to Water - Water to Water Heat Pumps & Heat Recovery
12 - 268 kW



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Largest Range in the market 12 - 270 kW Systems with 26 HP (73 kW) Module

2 pipe - 12.1~15.0kW Cooling/Heating

2 pipe - 12.1~33.6kW Cooling/Heating

3 pipe - 15.5~18.0kW Cooling/Heating

2/3 pipe - 22.5~269kW Cooling/Heating

2/3 pipe - 17.0~225kW Cooling/Heating


History of LG VRF system:  From the moment when LG introduced Korea’s first residential air conditioner in 1968. As a result of sustained improvement, LG VRF launched the first generation of MULTI V™ in 2006 and achieved significant development. With the world’s top-class compressor and innovative technology competency applied on every part, cycle and controlling solutions, it has evolved to be one of the world’s most efficient and reliable VRFs.


            VRF Line-Up Indoor - Outdoor - Accessories


Certification & Compliance

LG equipment manufactured to ISO 9001 & 14001
EUROVENT Certified & ETL Compliant





 Dual Sensing Tem/Hum                  Black Fin Protection                                     Comfort


              Efficiency                              Multi V5 Compressor                 Heat Recovery Box (HRU) Sim C/H


   Mini HP 2P                       Mini Heat Recovery 3P                                         Control



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