Peace of mind on their warranty rights

Space Air supports a manufacturer’s warranty that stays with the end-user (equipment owner / operator). Unlike other companies, it is not conditional on the original installer being retained to maintain the equipment for the duration of the warranty.  If the end-user has a valid warranty claim, as long as Space Air’s and the manufacturer’s warranty terms are met, Space Air will support the repair of the equipment, no fuss!

The process to make a claim

If a customer has a warranty claim they would like to make, they would need to contact their maintenance company. The maintenance company would then contact Space Air’s technical team on 01483 252 222, quoting the serial number and full model number. The technical team can identify the equipment and if it is was supplied by Space Air our technical team would then review certain details such as; the date manufactured, date of delivery, date of commissioning (if by Space Air), any damage issues, any warranty history, any service call history and with who and accounting issues. If the details are correct and everything complies with the warranty terms and conditions, Space Air will support the warranty with parts and set labour contribution. However if Space Air did not supply the equipment, in general Space Air does not get involved, except by special arrangement with long term established customer relationship. Space Air would then offer advice on suggested possible remedial actions and offer site visits and reports at standard day rates.

Buy your Daikin products from Space Air for your peace of mind on warranty rights.

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