Space Air health-checks

Space Air is the only distributor to offer comprehensive annual health-checks with a 5 year guarantee policy.

What is a health-check?

Space Air’s health-check is a comprehensive review of the Daikin installation. By carrying out checks on an annual basis, we can ensure that the equipment is in good order and the warranty remains valid (if within warranty period).

Benefits of a health-check

Space Air can identify faults with the system or maintenance regime and ensure that it is running at optimum capacity. We also give advice on the impact of any building layout changes, if made since the original system installation / commissioning report.

  1. We check all records on site in respect to the Daikin equipment that the health check covers.
  2. We check the maintenance status of the equipment, for example; filter contamination and fault history.
  3. We carry out full operational diagnostics via service checkers and computerized monitoring systems, locally or remotely.
  4. We produce a report with monitoring analysis with recommendations and consequently validation of the warranty.

Further Information

If you would like further information on Space Air health-checks, please contact our marketing and business development team on 0845 319 1980.

Note: Space Air’s 5 year guarantee policy is subject to terms and conditions and does not apply to all models.

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