The Daikin VRV Total Solution

According to Mike Nankivell, marketing director of the UK Daikin distributor Space Airconditioning plc, it is not uncommon for buildings to operate quite separate systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water and, particularly in older buildings, for these separate services to have no integrated control, resulting in huge energy wastage.

Mike comments. “This was one of the main factors considered in the European Commission’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and why our commercial buildings are targeted for dramatic improvements in energy efficiency.

With the latest Daikin VRV Total Solutions packages we have the ability to efficiently “manage” 50% of a building’s energy consumption leading to very significant energy savings.

It makes absolute sense from both environmental and, perhaps of more tangible importance for building operators, running cost perspectives, to stem energy waste issues from non-integrated or inefficient air conditioning and associated services.”

The Total Solution - a single source, multiple application system

Daikin VRV technology has benefitted from continuous R&D investment, to the point where we now have what is being called the “Total Solution”.

In a nutshell this is a VRV based, single source multiple application system or package, which can incorporate heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water, all integrated through an intelligent controls platform which is also compatible with third party BMS systems.

Total Solution key components

The key components of the Total Solution, individually selected to suit each application, comprise the VRV outdoor unit, an appropriate choice of matched heating/cooling fan coil units, low or high temperature hydrobox units for hot water production and/or space heating for areas where cooling is not required, heat recovery ventilation modules or bespoke air handling units and Daikin’s Intelligent Manager control.

Customised for individual applications

The Daikin VRV Total Solutions concept provides a fully customised, single source, air conditioning system for individual applications.

By making a careful choice from the range of modularised units, the right mix of equipment and technology can be selected to ensure the ideal balance of temperature, humidity and indoor air quality whilst delivering maximum energy efficiency, minimising operating costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

Future proofed

The VRV Total Solutions concept also meets the requirements of the Energy Related Performance Directive and has been designed to maximise seasonal efficiency with future legislative requirements in mind.

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