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Space Air Services

Our philosophy, to sell the best and the widest range of available products, to offer the best engineering solutions and to provide a ‘complete’ service.

System Design Support

We identify project requirements through an experienced system design support and specification service.

Design & Schematics

We document, design and create schematics to determine the right solution for any requirement.

Control Systems

We support all Daikin control systems, providing remote controls and integration with other BMS providers, all available using in-house expertise.

Bespoke System Design

We have the facilities to create bespoke design components for specific projects when the need is required, in-house.

Bespoke Accessories

2000+ templates, 500+ accessory items and assemblies in stock, all designed and manufactured in-house to complement the Daikin product range and speed project progress.

Space Air Care

Our aim is to offer ‘complete care’ to all our customers, as we believe they deserve the best!

Unique 5-year warranty with health checks

Our unique 5-year (optional) extended warranty aligns with “Soft Landing” and gives your customers the reassurance that their investment is protected, including annual system health checks.

Engineering and After Sales support

Our dedicated engineering and technical/diagnostic after sales support services can draw on over 33 years of Daikin experience.

Extensive stock of finished goods and parts

We carry extensive stocks of original Daikin parts as well as finished goods.

Deliveries nationwide

From our Guildford warehouse, using our own fleet of vehicles, we offer a nationwide delivery service for the Daikin range direct to site or where is most convenient for our customers, on time - every time.


For further information, please call 0845 319 1980 or email

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