Bespoke design components

We have the facilities and creativity to design and manufacture bespoke components for your unique projects that require a different approach.

What can Space Air create for you?

Protective Cages
A range of cages designed to fit outdoor units to protect from impact damage and vandalism.

Weatherproofing Modules
VAM and FXMQ units can be weather proofed when they need to be externally positioned.

Bespoke Enclosures
Weather and vandal proof enclosures for the Daikin Altherma hydrobox and controls were developed for buildings with limited indoor space. Wiring is also modified to ensure that during the cold weather the pipes will not freeze.

Long Vents
Special long vents developed to fit EWAQ chillers, to compensate for restricted plant space and fan discharge.

Control Panel’s
Most project’s that Space Air work on do request bespoke control panel’s, in order to work with their current BMS controls. Space Air will combine all the controls in one prefabricated panel to reduce installation time and costs.

Further Information
For further information on bespoke designed projects please contact the marketing and business development team on 0845 319 1980 or read our case studies.

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