The future is here - VRV IV

VRV IV will set new standards for seasonal efficiency in buildings, indoor comfort for end users and installation simplicity for installers.

Variable Refrigerant Temperature

Revolutionary variable refrigerant temperature control automatically adapts the system to individual building and climate requirements for greater efficiency and comfort. In automatic mode the system will change between maximum efficiency and quick reaction throughout most of the year ensuring comfort at all times, while still resulting in anincreased seasonal efficiency of up to 28%.

Continuous Comfort

Continuous heating during defrost is a unique technology making VRV IV the best alternative to traditional heating systems. All heat pumps accumulate ice during heating operation, which must be melted periodically. The refrigeration cycle is temporarily reversed which can cause a drop within the room. VRV IV features a unique heat-accumulator which provides dedicated energy for the defrost function, while indoor units continue to provide heating and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

VRV ‘Configurator’

The VRV IV ‘configurator’ is an advanced software solution, which simplifies commissioning and servicing. The software allows the remote configuration of settings that can be used at multiple sites, so less time is required, configuring the outdoor unit. Ongoing maintenance is easier too, thanks to a graphical interface that allows engineers to evaluate operational data and errors.

If you would like further information on the VRV IV please contact us on 0333 0063 770.

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