Unique Indoor Fan Coil Units

A wide range of different fan coil units can be used with Daikin multi-split systems. The unique indoor units featured below offer the very best in comfort and design.

The Emura FTXG-J is a wall mounted unit giving optimum air distribution. It is the stylish model and has whisper-quiet operation (22dBA with the FTXG25JA in silent operation) and has intelligenteye built-in movement sensor that detects a person’s presence in the room. (If the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes it will automatically switch to the energy-saving setting)

The Nexura FVXG-K is again a stylish floor standing unit with a unique aluminum radiant heat panel, which radiates heat just like a traditional radiator to improve comfort. Operates quietly and discretly at 23 dBA* (*FVXG25K in silent operation) and has an econo mode which reduces power consumption. This model also includes deodorizing air purification.

The FVXS-F is highly efficient with it’s unique comfort functions such as; whisper-quiet operation, vertical auto swing, which provides a consistent air and temperature distribution in the room, Dust, odours are trapped by the titanium apatite deodorizing air purification filter but also bacteria and viruses are decomposed in order to provide cleaner air and infrared remote control with many different setting options.

The FDXS-E is only 200mm deep, ideal for shallow/restricted ceiling voids and blends in with the interior decor as only the suction and discharge grilles are visible. Again it operates in whisper-quiet operation and has a powerful mode, which can be selected to either rapid heat or rapid cool.

The FCQG-F has an auto cleaning function, a special sweeper that automatically cleans the filter once a day (only with specific grille). This unit is also flexible in terms of installation as it has the option of closing one or more flaps using the easy remote controller. There is also an infrared presence and floor sensor to detect if there is anyone in the room to provide the ultimate in temperature comfort.

All of these models except the FCQG-F have the online controller function. This function allows you to use your laptop or smart phone to access your heat pump system via the internet to monitor and control the main functions indoor units.

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