VAM unit Saves Energy!

The Daikin VAM-FA heat reclaim ventilation unit saves energy through the recovery of ‘waste’ heat and can offer free cooling.

Space Air Daikin offers a variety of solutions for the provision of fresh air ventilation to residential, commercial and industrial applications. One of which is the VAM-FA heat reclaim ventilation unitwhich can be installed as a stand alone unit or integrated into VRV systems with a wide range of sizes available (air flow rate from 150 to 2,000m3/h). The specially developed heat exchange element uses a higher efficiency paper (HEP) possessing superior moisture absorption and humidifying properties. The heat exchange unit rapidly recovers heat contained in latent heat (vapour).

A few of the benefits of a heat reclaim ventilation unit is free cooling in the Summer through built-in electronically controlled by-pass damper, extremely low power consumption (as low as 60 watts), fresh air without losing heat, clean fresh air all year round, easy to use and low maintenance, the HRV unit can be installed in any position (horizontal / upside-down / vertical or even at an angle) and has a quiet operation (as low as 20dBA).

Space Air provides a full range of approved, easy to install accessories including a weatherproofed VAM with heater as shown in the picture.

If you would like further information on Space Air electric heaters for VAMs please contact us on 0333 0063 770.


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