VRV IV Benefits Installers

The VRV IV offers a variety of benefits for installers resulting in easier installation and maintenance of the system, greater freedom of layout, and increased space savings.

There are many features of the VRV IV that benefit installers, for example:

Modular Design

Modular design enables units to be joined together in rows. The design of the outdoor units is sufficiently compact to allow them to be taken up to the top of a building in a commercial elevator, overcoming site transportation problems.

Easy Wiring — ‘Super Wiring’

The super wiring system simplifies retrofitting of existing systems with a centralised remote control, simply by connection to the outdoor units. The outdoor units have power connection outlets on side and front, resulting in easier installation, maintenance and saving space.

The non polarity wiring system, makes incorrect connections impossible and reduces installation time.

Automatic Charge Function

The VRV IV unit can be charged automatically with the necessary amount of refrigerant via a push button on the PCB. Automatic charging will cease once the appropriate amount of refrigerant has been transferred. This function also facilitates simplified leak checks in accordance with F-Gas regulation requirements.

Refrigerant Piping

VRV IV series offers the possibility to run piping from the front, but also from the left, right or bottom, thus providing greater freedom of layout.

Simplified Servicing

On the VRV IV heat pumps, a display on the outdoor unit simplifies servicing with easy to read error codes, basic service parameters are indicated to check basic functions and a clear menu makes on-site settings quick and easy.

Intelligent Touch Manager

The intuitive climate controller can be integrated with intelligent control solutions for a variety of different applications. Supplied complete with enclosures.

Space Air Services

Space Air offer’s comprehensive project support services to ensure longevity of equipment including schematic drawings, bespoke system design, commissioning, health-check, warranty.

If you would like further information on the VRV IV please contact us on 0845 319 1980.

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