R22 Replacement

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Distributors of Daikin equipment in the UK for over 35 years, we have supplied more Daikin products than any other company. Our many long serving technical staff between them have collectively over 600 years valuable industry and Daikin expertise - a knowledge bank that we doubt can be matched by any other manufacturer.

More information on Daikin R22 Equipment

If a site in the UK has Daikin equipment still operating with R22, the chances are that we originally supplied it. What's more - if we did supply it - we still hold the details on file! This gives Space Air a distinct advantage when it comes to assisting any building operator with their R22 replacement planning.

Dedicated technical R22 support services

Because we are confident that we can provide the best support services for any building operator looking to replace their old R22 equipment, we have established a dedicated R22 replacement consulting team who will:

Are you using system containing R407C?

Why not upgrade to R410A!

If your running a system that is around 10 years old and it contain R407C then maybe it is worth thinking about upgrading to a more efficient and cost effective refrigerant, saving money in the long term.

R410A is quickly becoming the most used refrigerant in air conditioning systems because of the great number of advantages associated with it. The reason for its growing popularity is:

a) It is environment friendly as it does not contain any chemicals that can damage ozone.
b) It is possible to design small and more efficient cooling systems because less amount of this refrigerant is needed compared to R22 and R407C because of better heat transfer and low pressure drop.

Advantages of using R410A refrigerant:

For further information please contact our dedicated R22 replacement team.