Therma V™ Air to Water Heat Pump

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Mono (all in one) & One to One Air to Water Systems

LG Domestic energy efficient Air to Water Heat Pump, provide Medium temperature (57°C) and High Temperature (80°C) Heating and Hot Water to Residential and Small Commercial applications.


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Air to Water Systems


Note: Space Air are under obligation to meet H&S 2016 No. 1107 Statutory Instrument to not supply equipment containing A2L flammable refrigerant without conforming to Part 2 of the Statutory Instrument. 


Therma V Mono (all in one)



Therma V Split (One to One)



Thema V Split High Temperature (One to One)




Air to Air and Air to Water System



The range covers Mono system (All in one system) and Split System (Outdoor Unit and Indoor HP boiler) from 5 kW to 16 kW modules.

Also, Medium & High-Temperature Hydro Kits are connectable to VRF systems

All LG products are EUROVENT Certified. 


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